Samba on the Fringe

I remember the first time I saw Maxim Kozhevnikov and Yulia Zagoruychenko. It was at La Coupe du Défi, a small dance competition in Sainte Julie, around 2006. I had not heard of either of them before, but from the moment Yulia stepped on the dance floor in her gold fringes, you knew there was something special about this couple. And then the dancing started.

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The Diamond Blues

If you love baseball, but just don’t have the athletic skills to look good on the field, what do you do? If you had the athletic skills, but have been slowed down by injuries, how do you still stay close to the game? One option is to be an umpire. Slate’s Seth Stevenson went to the Harry Wendelstedt School for Umpires to see if he had what it takes.

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The Falcon Has Landed

I was too young during the Apollo missions, and the space shuttle never made the news unless they didn’t go well. Since the shuttle program was retired in 2010, it seemed like space travel no longer had the sense of wonder of past generations.

But there is a glimmer of hope.

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